Choose Create Iceland - Travel in Reykjavik Iceland, to connect with nature and add value to your mind.  In our day tours from the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, we will drive you to a beautiful secret place in nature.  Your professional hypnotherapist and artist will lead and help you how to learn and use self-hypnosis and to create your own art artwork after the hypnosis in a unique and a nice comfortable way. We always do all we can so you can enjoy nature much more travelling here and also all we can so you can go deeper with nature and its beauty then ever before but to do so we need to bring you out from the stress. Our secret place will help you there too because other tourists are not around. Just you and our small group. Together you will listen to the water, the wind, the rain, the birds and also smell and taste nature. You will get a beautiful memory and experience when your are online with nature.  After the hypnosis you will create your own artwork. It will be easier then ever to use the colors and paper with you mind and balance. Try to picture how it must be and the outcome.  

Remember all our tour guides are professional artists and certified clinical hypnotherapists with a long working experiences in tourism and guiding in Iceland. Travel with an expert that will provide a quality service to you.We ask you not to use any online devices or cameras in the tour until on the way back.

We take you online with nature.  



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Art travel experts.

Our goal is always to give you a smart choice when you travel to Iceland. We are dedicated to provide a personalized and quality service.

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