To contact us please call:        +354 8630360    

If you need an offer for your group then please send us an email to:

Full address:
Create Iceland - Travel ehf.
Keilugrandi 2
107 Reykjavík

Our office is Located at: Korpúlfsstaðir, Thorsvegi, 112 Reykjavík (Office 225).
Company number: 6808022380
VAT number: 76376

We start our day tours from Kjarvalsstaðir and Korpúlfsstaðir in Reykjavík. See the map below.
Just wait for your pick up in front off the house that you have chosen and bring your voucher
with you. You may need to wait for your pick up few minutes but be on time. We do not
wait more then 5 minutes. Traffic jam is in Reykjavik in the morning, lunchtime and afternoon
Monday to Friday so that can delay your pick up.

In the end of the tour we drop you off as close to your hotel as possible but remember that small
or big buses can not drive some street in the center of Reykjavik. We drop off in the greater Reykjavik area also.