Dear guests,
The world of tourism is always changing.   I have seen the wishes of tourists evolve over the twenty two years in which I have been working as a professional tour guide for some of Iceland’s biggest tourist companies and for thousands of tourists.

Art has always been my passion as has tour guiding.   In 2017-2018 I studied hypnosis--that is, the state of mind between sleep and awareness that helps everybody to get more  peace to connect to the higher self and to add value to the mind. I love showing people new and unique ways to see nature and express what they can find in it. I became a certified clinical hypnotherapist in May 2018.  Many years ago I founded my own company, Create Iceland Travel ehf. (ltd).  Now I am incorporating hypnosis into my tours, so I am probably one of the first pioneer tour guides using hypnosis and art in tours outside in nature. The tours are so different from other tours that I have done so many times. The new tours are just designed for your mind to approach nature from another side, your inner mind, not from day to day awareness,  just looking and listening to the guide like you have been doing so many times in tours. Maybe we have just forgot this different way of calming the mind and looking at nature. What about you?  Join me to learn a new practice for  changing the mind and observing nature in a new way.  You will have a new way of travelling in your mind and will see the wonderful natural areas of Iceland in a new way.   

Until January 2015, I worked for six years with Gray Line Iceland as a driver/guide, speaking English and Scandinavian languages, giving tours for 200 hours a month all year round. Before that, I worked for many other big tourist agencies in Iceland, including Reykjavik Excursions, Heimsferðir, Iceland travel, Ráðstefnur og fundir, Extreme Iceland, Ferðaskrifstofu Íslands and Luxury Adventures. It was in January 2015 that I decided to start focusing on my own tourist agency Create Iceland Travel ehf. I had found out that my own vision of what tourism in Iceland should be into now should not just aim to have tourists sitting on a bus listening to a tour guide and getting tired during the tour by running in and out to look and then taking pictures for friends in a hurry to send out online, sometimes totally forgetting to connect with the beauty that they had all around  them here in Iceland during the travelling.  I wanted a big change, a change of  perspective. For us that love nature so much and for our inner mind too. So here I am providing tours that can do a lot more.  Finally we can connect and "go online" with the purity of nature.

I have also been painting in my studio at the art center Korpúlfsstaðir in Reykavík for 12 years, where I sell my paintings. You can see some of them here:

Since 1997, I have exhibited my works in the National Museum of Iceland (Þjóðminjasafn) and the National Library (Þjóðarbókhlaða), as well as many other exhibitions. From 2002 to 2015 I ran my own company, Auglýsingastofa íslands ehf., designing graphic art and creating paintings of Icelandic nature for companies. I have a Masters degree in Cultural Communications from the University of Iceland and a BA degree in graphic design from The Art Academy of Iceland. 

I wish and hope so much that you will come and learn more and start your good way of travelling with us, Create Iceland - Travel ehf.

You are so welcome and I look forward to meeting  you. 



See you soon in one of our tours. 🙂

Sólveig Dagmar Þórisdóttir,

General manager of Create Iceland  - Travel ehf.

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